“I contacted Meryl about a year ago at the recommendation of my veterinarian for some help with my 12-year-old greyhound, Carly. Carly had been suffering from severe arthritis and a pinched nerve in her neck. After several sessions of massage therapy, we started to see improvements in Carly’s range of motion and her level of discomfort had decreased. Carly is a much happier girl now and looks forward to her massage therapy sessions. Meryl has always been accommodating, professional and very knowledgeable. She’s happy to explain what she’s doing, why and what I can do to help Carly in between sessions. Meryl’s love and compassion for animals can definitely be seen in her interactions with Carly. I highly recommend Meryl’s services for anyone who is in need of massage therapy for their pet. ”

Michelle F. Agawam MA 

“Two years ago my sweet Maggie was struggling with arthritis and with what ended up being liver failure.  During her last few difficult months, Meryl came to my home to help give Maggie some comfort.  She did some doggie massage and sat with Maggie, just talking with her and making her feel relaxed. Meryl’s soft voice and gentle hands were just what Maggie needed!  Maggie has since passed, but I would trust Meryl with any of my pets in a heartbeat!  She is loving and compassionate with any animal in her care.  
Best of luck Meryl and I hope to someday have another pet that I can send to you when I need a sitter or massage therapy! ” 
Deborah C. Sturbridge MA

“Meryl is the most compassionate animal lover that I know. I can’t wait to refer families to her camp for canines! She has already assisted us with her own invaluable advice, as we are breeders in Holland. I have no doubt she will provide a much needed and invaluable service to the surrounding communities. 


Melanie McCarthy. Cavachons from The Monarchy,  Holland , MA