Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is dog daycare?

Dog daycare is short-term daytime care for dogs which includes exercise, mental and physical stimulation, social skills improvement, behavior training, and more.


  • Where are you in Wilbraham, MA?

We are located right near the Ludlow and Indian Orchard town lines, right before the bridge that enters Ludlow.  We are conveniently one mile from the Mass Pike in Ludlow and Boston Road in Wilbraham (perfect for commuters).  


  • Do you provide overnight accommodations? 

At this time, as we are still growing we do not offer any overnights. However, Meryl on some occasions will bring your dog to her house for a couple nights if the circumstances are right. 


  • Why does my dog need daycare?

Providing emotional , social,  physical and mental stimulation for our dogs is a MUST. Most of us work long hours or have kids that need attention and unfortunate the dogs get left out . This means you  come home to a dog with a lot of energy which quite often times leads to a naughty dog. Daycare provides the right amount of physical, mental, social and mental stimulation to keep both you and your dog happy. 


  • Do I have to sign up every week to be able to bring my dog.

No. There is no required sign up for multiple days. You can bring your dog on whichever day you need. Provided that ample time is given to the staff so we know when to expect you. And all campers must have filled out an application and have up to date vet records on file.