Here at CCC, we pride ourselves on doing things a little bit differently.  To start, we only allow 10 dogs at one time to ensure that your best bud gets the individual love and attention you seek for them when you can’t be there. Our goal is to make sure the needs of your canine are met on a physical, emotional and mental level.

To do this we will have organized activities throughout the day to create an environment that is controlled and safe.  Believe it or not, dogs find comfort in having routine and something to look forward to. As the owner, you can look forward to having some fun “gifts” and keepsakes brought home by your buddy as we will be doing arts and crafts activites as well.

To be mentally stimulated and pride themselves, dogs like to have a job to perform or a task to complete. We will get to know your best friend’s personality and traits to see if they have a job they are particularly good at. Nose work is one activity that we will do quite a bit. This is fun for the dog because they can tap into their hunting instincts and learn to track different scents.

Another important aspect to complete canine health is off-leash play. We focus our activities mainly in our large outside play yard. Some activities will include fetch, tug of war and agility games and we hope to be outside as much as possible. For elder or special needs friends, special accommodations will be made for them indoors or outdoors with special settings.

For extreme inclement weather, we will remain indoors and have a quiet day or you may choose to keep them home especially if the conditions are not safe for driving. These weather conditions may include; blizzard, hurricane or temperatures below 20 degrees.