Address                                           2 River Road, Wilbraham, MA  01095


Phone                                                   (413) 271-1066                                                            

Hours                                                    Monday – Friday

                                               7 am- 6pm



                                               By appointment only 


Vaccines Required                                Rabies

                                                              Kennel Cough (Bordatella)


                                                              K9 Flu (not required but highly recommended)


Special Consdiderations:

We use only all natural non toxic cleaners for the health and safety of your pet.

Calming essential oils such as lavendar and chamomile are diffused into the air daily to help commort your pet. 


We do not offer overnight accomodations at this time. 


Live- Feed Cameras will be accessible to clients both for safety and a chance to check in and see what your dog is up to .


All dogs must pass a temperment test to ensure that they will be a good fit in the daycare environment.